O House
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O House

This sloping site fronts on a vast rural agricultural terrain that extends to the horizon. An orange grove on the northern edge of the lot sets up a repetitive rhythm reflected in the order of the house and helps to anchor its U shaped volume.‏

Two parallel sides of different lengths are connected by the family room which occupies the central zone of the house. One wing of the building is for guests and children's playroom, and the other, which is for the family contains bedrooms, library, kitchen, dining and living room.‏

The external landscape ascends towards the house and terminates within its center, abutting upon the family room. Here it becomes an enclosed courtyard protected on three sides from the public eye.‏

The internal circulation of the house evolves around the courtyard, whereas the rooms focus on the opposite sides towards the meadow beyond.‏
A spatial sequence unfolds around the perimeter of the courtyard which connects the upper and the lower levels of the building.‏

It is framed by a continuous and transparent envelope, on all three sides, delineated by metal and glass panels. It changes its mood constantly. When the sun shines through, projecting lines of light and shade cross and transform the entire courtyard space.‏

This courtyard is both static and dynamic – it is possessed by the house and by nature far beyond.‏

Created by Lior Mark