Makabeem Synagogue
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Makabeem Synagogue

The proposed concept for the synagogues is an architectural and landscape concept that enables the integration of the buildings into the various sites of the IDF camps.

Design a building that creates its own place, with the landscape and the environment being an integral part of the space development inside and outside it. Through which the building will be able to accommodate a variety of sites throughout the country.

The motif of light that comes from the story of Creation and the principles of sustainable planning are the main components in the development of the architectural concept; As a result, the structure is introverted and extroverted.

A sunken courtyard that stands outside the building is a protected gathering place open to the sky and within it it takes root, while the sloping green roof that covers the entire structure is a landmark in the landscape. He moves toward the sky and sinks toward the natural ground and pulls out the outside.

The space enclosed by the courtyard is an external mouthpiece for the synagogue, and through it a gradual transition from sacred dance to the inner prayer hall, which is nourished by a supreme light, soft and indirect.

The hall is focused towards the Holy Ark and the light above it, and was spread in archery geometry, along which the seats and prayer booths are arranged.

The coffin is wrapped in a perforated wooden fan that rises up and floats in radial lines above the prayer hall and under the constructive ceiling. In the space between the ceilings, the light shines and the light fills up and fills the entire space.

The synagogue was designed from an approach of sustainable planning. The thermal mass of a dug structure with massive walls and green roofs insulates it and keeps it from overheating.

In the synagogue the light, the construction, the movement and the space are intertwined. They stretch toward Jerusalem gradually from the sunken courtyard and the natural landscape around it.

The three synagogues differ in size and in the adjacent areas. Their presence in every site changes due to the vegetation on the protective roof and the geometry of the sunken courtyard and access to it.

Created by Lior Mark