Jabotinsky Bridge
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Jabotinsky Bridge

This bridge, located above a busy road, is primarily intended for pedestrians and "exploited" pedestrians on both sides of billboards stretched on canvas. The canvas screens create a defined space along the bridge and with them we have created a protected place, with its own public standard for pedestrians crossing the road and glancing at it.
Two concrete towers covered with diagonal aluminum pipes are located on either side of the street, and two arched steel beams hanging between them constitute a constructive foundation for the bridge. Each beam relies on an elevator tower on one side of the street and a steel column on the other, and since the beams are circular and not parallel, dynamic geometry is created.
A wooden floor is placed across the beams, and above it are steel frames of varying width and height that create a high space of six meters.

The outer shell of the bridge changes from moment to moment, disappearing and coming like the cars passing beneath it, while its internal space creates a fixed rate defined by the steel frames, daylight penetrating this space through a glass ceiling, and the construction supporting this ceiling will record rich silhouette on the bridge. The bottom of the advertising screens is located at a distance of 2.5 meters above the bridge floor, thus maintaining a continuous line of sight from the bridge outside and from the street below which it returned to it. The changing width of the floor and the opening up walls create a dynamic space. The narrow dimension of the bridge is in its center and the wide dimension is located at the end of the elevators, on both sides of the road. It is a bridge with a clear geometric center that is strengthened by the perspectives that drain towards it.

Created by Lior Mark