IDF Auditoriums
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IDF Auditoriums

The proposed concept for the conference halls is both an architectural and landscape concept that enables the integration of the buildings into the various sites of the IDF camps. For this purpose, we covered each hall, but with a multi-purpose sloping roof descending from a high level above the hall's platform to the natural ground level. This roof will serve as an observatory, a protective area that can be wander around and an outdoor amphitheater that drains to a raised platform of its own that saves the entrance to the hall itself. We created a sunken courtyard that is a protected and open gathering place to the sky that looks toward the entrance entrance, which is covered with a curved glass wall. The slope of the hall stretched from the foyer toward the stage in a radial position and mediated between the sunken upper courtyard and the lower lower courtyard.

The architectural composition of the building stems from the relationship between the various program elements, the cross-section and the outer spaces that accompany the auditorium, revealing a dynamic and festive move from the lower courtyard to the upper roof.

The hall is a section of a circular figure. The seats are spread in archery geometry that is focused towards the stage and gradually expands as the distance grows.

Even the strips of hanging ceiling, detached from the sloping concrete ceiling, are widening and widening, allowing access to the technicians to bridge the stage lighting, the air conditioning, and the general lighting of the hall.

The hall is adapted for the needs of the theater and for hosting outdoor performances, both on the roof of the building and on the entrance plaza in the partially shaded courtyard. Pedestrian access is carried out through a festive staircase, access to the handicapped through a lift, and the approach to unloading and loading equipment and supplies through a service elevator near Habima.

The three halls are different in size and in the adjacent areas. Their presence in every site changes as a result of the vegetation on the protective roof and the geometry of the sunken courtyard and access to it.

In the two small halls a ramp is the main source of access to the auditorium and eliminates the need for an elevator.
All the halls have their own intriguing and inviting image that attracts the audience and passers-by.

Created by Lior Mark