Caroline Building for BGU students
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Caroline Building for BGU students

This building forms an extension to the School of Medicine and to the adjacent School of the Medical Professions. It is situated at the southern edge of the site, across the street from student dorms, and defines the back entry to the entire medical campus.

Student social and activity functions form the core of the program. The building is organized into two segments, with a long and narrow interstitial garden. An internal stair acts as a joint between the two segments. It offers a variety of spatial experiences along its trajectory, and mediates between the various levels of the building.

The southern wing houses student activity spaces, and descends towards the garden level; the office wing hovers two stories above the pedestrian passage that links the entrance to the central courtyard of the School of Medicine.

Thus the building is in part an elongated "gate" to the medical cluster, with its own architecture and structural rhythm, and in part an introverted space, focused upon itself. Stone wraps the campus-oriented façade, while white plaster covers the introverted, garden-facing surfaces. These white planes reflect and bounce the light from above into all adjacent spaces, on either side of the garden. In spite of its small scale, this enclosed and protected garden provides a peaceful respite from the harsh desert climate outside.

Created by Lior Mark