Beit Hahalutzot - YBZ
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Beit Hahalutzot - YBZ

Yad Ben-Zvi is a non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, mainly concerned with the education, documentation and research of the Land of Israel. The existing building contains offices, a bookshop and two huts that were previously designated for the reception of distinguished guests of the President, and are now used as classrooms. The competition is designed to provide the many functions of Yad Ben Zvi in a stone building for preservation, the Pioneers' House (designed by Genia Averbuch), adjacent to the existing building.

The Pioneers House and Yad Ben Tzvi have united into one large lot that will include all existing activities and new or expanded activities of the association. In the competition we were asked to store a library, a cafeteria, a bookstore, classrooms, an auditorium of 300 people, offices and so on. From the beginning, we referred to the large lot as a miniature campus and created structural connections between all existing and extended functions. We kept most of the open spaces and the green space at the entrance to the lot from Ibn Gvirol Street. We preserved all the facades of the building and completed the third floor on the roof of the building facing the Kuzari garden; And set up a transparent pavilion within the existing internal garden that will serve as a small cafeteria.

We created a long axis from the existing entrance towards the library at the end. Alongside this axis, which develops within the building and connects all public functions, the scenic axis that stretches from the new entrance rises from the Kuzari Shield to the campus.

All the more public functions - the bookshop, the cafeteria and the new hall are accessible from the outside without interruption to the more academic, ongoing activity in the building.

Created by Lior Mark